Looking Back to Move Forward

Let me introduce myself to this new blog, with a look back at 2016, and taking those visions forward to 2017! This year, I’m embracing the calm before the storm by reflecting on what I said I wanted to achieve in 2016, and looking ahead at what I want to achieve in 2017.

Here is my list for 2016, so let’s see how I did and what I can continue into next year!
1. Get the best degree I can, keep up the hardwork 
I got a 2:1 and a 74 for my Criminology dissertation! I now need to continue in that vein and be successful with my masters.
2. Stop procrastinating about masters and make a decision 
I made a decision! I am now a third of the way (how quickly has that gone please?!) through my master in Terrorism, Security and Policing at the University of Leicester.
3. Organise the fun stuff too, make the most of all this time off because you’ll never get it again 
In 2016, I was able to go on three holiday to Majorca, California and Cornwall, as well as see Bruce Springsteen and the Red Hot Chili Peppers live, not to mention lots of smaller day trips to Christmas markets and even the cinema. All in all, I think I’ve got the fun stuff down to a tee, and next year’s shaping up brilliantly as I’m spending St Patrick’s weekend in Dublin, visiting my friend Caitlin in Japan, not to mention lots of little trips in the pipeline – very exciting!
4. Make the effort with those from 2015 you want to end 2016 with too
There are still some wrinkles that need straightening out, but I’ve definitely done better than worse with keeping in touch with people. I still occasionally get my head stuck up my arse and go ‘sh*t it’s been 6 weeks since I talked to that person!’ But thankfully, the important people in my life are understanding, forgiving, and do the same themselves. We’re all busy living life, but we haven’t forgotten each other, so even there’s room for improvement, there’s definitely still time and encouragement for that too.
5. But don’t feel guilty if some people have to be let go. Work out how to get on with everyone, even if there are some you can only handle for 5 mins a day, it’s healthier 
I’ve pretty much achieved this… I certainly have lost most of the guilt about having to move on from certain situations, and I’m proud that I’ve done it in a way where I have no grudges, or angst, maybe a little anxiety, but ultimately I am at peace with it all.
6. Keep an eye on your mental and physical health equally, they’re both incredibly important, as 2015 showed
Eyes have definitely been firmly kept on both of these, and I’ve made all of my decisions with them in mind. However, it has taken me until the end of the year to step it up an effective gear when it comes to looking after myself completely. Just got to keep at it in 2017!
7. Don’t stop praying, it’s always works 
100% TRUTH.
8. Stand up after a forward roll! 
Meh. Sort of. I still cross my legs when I do it, but I’m not a cheerleader any more so…
9. Once you’ve saved for America, don’t stop saving. It’s a good skill and holidays are fantastic; a car would be pretty great too 
I’ve saved like a beast the past year so I’m definitely going to keep that up! I’ve got trips, a car and a home to buy!
10. Do something for charity, or other people in general, it’s not all about you…
I’m pretty sure I’ve given more to charity, particularly through sponsoring the fantastic efforts of friends this year than I have done during others. Need to continue doing that for sure, and perhaps get more actively involved in charities, helping others is something that we definitely all need to do more of.

I know that 2016 for the entire globe has been pretty darn terrible, but hopefully this is rock bottom so we can only go up from here! There are still positives to be found though, as there always are, so here’s to focusing on the positives, striving to eliminate the negatives and making the most of the new year we’ve been blessed with!


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