What I’ve Actually Learned During My Masters So Far

My current situation: I need a proper graduate job that starts as close to May as possible! I might even stumble into a new dream job… Because a full time job, training to be a Special, writing a dissertation all at the same time is a good idea… I’ll be off to Japan to visit my friend Caitlin at some point during all of it though, so a break will be had!! Alex (boyfriend) has also promised me random weekends here, there and everywhere, so it’s going to be one of the busiest years of my life, but also one of the most fun and rewarding I imagine.

Anywho, enough of the ‘catch up’, here’s a quick list summarising how the beginning of a Masters can go for those who are wondering whether to do one, and for me who’s snowed under and needs some inspiration!

1) My course is bloody fascinating

Already my course of Terrorism, Security and Policing has enhanced the basic knowledge I already had in those areas. In all honesty, most of it has come from my Terrorism module, but still! It’s been fascinating hearing about all the different aspects of Terrorism, having facts revealed about leaders and groups I’ve never heard of, and of course debating what Terrorism actually is.

2) Being 22/23 is weird

I’m definitely one of the youngest on my course. There are lots of people around my age and that have joined the Masters course straight out of their undergraduate degree, but there are also a lot who older having had years out, or have had a full-blown career had have left that to further their education. It’s mad. Both in the classroom and across my social media people are married/engaged/pregnant/parents, and then there’s myself, still studying and looking forward to my own house and a job. That other stuff is so grown up, and I’m definitely not a grown up, I need to adventure in Asia, Australia and New Zealand first.

3) Master work is hard work

All of my essays are 4,000 words standard, whereas during my undergrad they were 2-3,000 words. The tutors set us up for this increased word count by giving us massively open questions, which can be really frustrating as it makes my mind pop how much information there is to digest and organise into a plan, but then I ‘pop’ with pride when the plan gets written and the essay comes together. It’s definitely not easy, but it is worth it.

Or is it?

4) I should have done a marketing degree, and not bothered with a Masters

My dream job is to do with law enforcement/logistics/helping people, which is why I have studied the courses that I have. However, now that I’m looking around for jobs, most ask for undergraduate degrees, and if they specify an area of degree it’s usually marketing/business or maths. AKA, not degrees I’ve gone anywhere near… I’ve also only seen one job outright ask for a Masters degree, but they only want it if you got a 2:2 for you undergrad, which I didn’t, I got a 2:1. I can join my dream career areas without a degree, so it isn’t too disheartening to myself as my degree motivations have all been personal, but I imagine it could be frustrating to others.

5) Alcohol is meaner to me now then ever before

This probably isn’t directly related to my degree, but I have discovered this since September. I literally cannot sniff alcohol without knowing that I did so the next day either through headaches or lethargy or nausea, I’m really not used to this, but I’m all for looking after myself so not having a drink is fine by me!

6) Unless you know, you don’t know

People try so hard to be all-knowing about adulting, and it’s quite awkward really, because I’ve found that no one is all-knowing. Absolutely no human being can solve all your problems, or tell you what to do when it comes to growing up, you have to find it all our for yourself. I quite like that to be honest, it fits in with life being an adventure, but I wish ‘know-it-alls’ would just leave me to it, especially as they really don’t have a whole clue. Most of my friends and I are currently just flowing through the enjoyment of figuring it all out, and I love it! This year is definitely my year to make the most of being the most calm and secure I’ve been in a long time and really set myself up for a full life.

7) Long distance friendships and relationships are hard but worth it

Pretty much what it says on the tin. Stick with your good people!! It’ll be a struggle, but when things calm down or when you have a tough time, you’ll be so grateful that you did.


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