Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is not a day I invest in, I’m a Valentines-Scrooge that thinks the whole day was invented by card companies, and we should express our love for people everyday… The most Alex and I have ever done for it is have a date night, or day when he surprised me at a cheer competition two years ago. This year, we’re not doing either of those things due to our university schedules, but we had a lovely weekend together, including a fab time in Nottingham visiting good friends.

However, I’ve noticed how (trying to think of the appropriate word here) aggressive? dark? moody? angry? my post have been, so here’s a cheery, love one that counts down my favourite fictional couples. Enjoy!

1. Lucas and Peyton, One Tree Hill

Over 6 seasons, and I’m still mightily upset we only got 6 seasons of ‘Leyton’, they went from moody teenagers, to a beautifully strong couple that finally got everything they could hope for and deserved. I bloody love them. Just look how happy they are in that season 6 photo!! Yes, there were break ups, but I think they learned from them, and both were due to immaturity. Neither Lucas or Peyton chose to maliciously lie to Brooke, and set out to hurt her. Peyton didn’t mean to send Lucas away when she said she wasn’t ready for his proposal, and I’m sure had he been older and less insecure, it wouldn’t have happened. They grew together, admirably. To me, they prove that life can be incredibly tough, and there’s nothing you can do about that, but love can give you all the strength you need.

2. Lily and Snape, Harry Potter

No, I’m not sh*tting all over Lily and James and how amazing ‘The Potters’ are, but come one people, Lily’s kindness to Snape is a kindness we should all aim to share, and his love for her is one of the most intense loves I’ve ever come across in fiction or reality.

They also show the importance of society in the choices we make, and how moving on is the healthiest thing a person can do, because bitterness never helped anyone. Snape called Lily a mudblood at one point, instead of standing up for her, because he was a half blood Slytherin, and she was a muggle born Gryffindor. Also, despite it meaning that Snape quietly protected Harry, his bitterness from her being his lost love, made him very loudly attack Gryffindors, in particular the Marauders and then Harry. This couple can teach us a lot about love, the good and the bad, and that’s why they’re one of my favourites.

3. Jack and Sally, Nightmare Before Christmas

‘For it is plain as anyone can see…

 …we’re simply meant to be’

Need I say anymore? It’s a classic, girl takes care of boy while he runs about doing stupid things, then SUDDENLY, he realises this has been happening, and not only is he grateful that she’s always looked out for him, he wants to look after her too. N’awww.

4. Aragorn and Arwen, Lord of the Rings

The quote in this picture sums them up for me entirely. She gave up her kind, and put her relationship with her father completely on the line because of her love for Aragorn. He always seemed to understand this difficulty for her, and in many ways their pairing always struck as two complete equals meeting. I adore this couple, not because of how they show that love can persevere through lifetimes and war, but also because they show the love between a father and daughter through the conversations Arwen must have with her father. My dad and my boyfriend are my two favourite men, and mean an incredible amount to me, so I appreciate seeing that play out on screen.

5. Heathcliff and Catherine, Wuthering Heights

Wuthering Heights has been my favourite book since I was about 13, and I blame it for my obsession with old hairy men as it introduced the concept of finding a man ‘as wild as the moors’. Yes, it’s a bit of an odd story with the whole sort of incest, and everyone dies, but it’s my absolute favourite. I love the drama, and how well it is written. The story also reminds me to never settle. Catherine went with Edgar because he was there effectively, he offered her a stable, materialistically wealthy life style and she went for it. There was no raw passion between them, no genuine connection that could never be broken, and everyone deserves those things surely? Any relationship worth its salt has them.

Have a fantastic Valentine’s Day one and all!! I hope this and every other day is filled with love.


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