Life at 23

Last week on 13th April, I turned the big ol’ 2 3. Twenty-three. My goodness me. Now there some great connotations attached to the number 23, Nathan Scott and Michael Jordan’s basketball numbers, the bowling lane they use in the Big Lebowski, X-23 is Wolverine’s daughter and also called LAURA!, and a beautiful song by Jimmy Eat World. Musically, there’s also the slightly the concerning Blink 182 lyrics, ‘Nobody likes you when you’re 23’, and then there’s all the ‘adulting’ nonsense I (and the whole of Britain – snap election, I have blog coming right at you asap), have been having to deal with, all in the space of a week!

My 23rd birthday was an odd one. The day itself was a fairly relaxed one, Alex, my parents and I spent the afternoon at Speke Hall.

Speke Hall is definitely one of my favourite places in Liverpool, if not my favourite. It’s a stately home from Tudor times that has beautiful gardens, a maze, lovely woodland walks. Basically, the perfect place for a chilled birthday day.

The next day I had a bouncy castle, because: 23. It rained all day so we only got a couple of hours out of it, because: life (at 23). I was blessed to be joined by a few friends from home, and a couple from Keele that I hadn’t seen in what felt like a decade. It amazed me how, even though it hadn’t actually been that long, we all had so much to catch up on, and it felt like no time had passed at all. The day was rounded off by a fantastic night out in Liverpool, and I danced till 3 in the morning! Something this old woman hasn’t done in months!

On my birthday, I received the contract for my new graduate position that I’m starting in June. It’s in the marketing department of a technology company based in the centre of Birmingham, and it completely hit me at random, but has developed into a lovely fit (almost). Basically, after passing the initial application stage, the aptitude tests and skype interview, I then went to an assessment centre that put is in different situations then placed us in the department they felt best suited us. So, I feel very looked after and can’t wait to start!! However, the initial excitement of ‘yes I have a graduate job!’ has been somewhat dampened by organising holidays/training/somewhere to live, because: life (at 23). I know I’ll get there though, I blessed with an abundance of the 3 Fs that’ll get you through anything: faith, friends and a ‘F’ it, let’s crack on attitude.

At the moment, I could be any more grateful for my friends. Their patience with me is something that I seriously could not be getting through this hectic time without. I’ve never had a ‘selfish’ time, and I feel so incredibly selfish at the moment that it greatly upsets me. There are too many events where I’ve had to excuse myself from because of training, or deadlines, or this new job, but they (very very very kindly) keep inviting me places!! It’s weird, because those that couldn’t make my birthday for example, I completely understood and could/would never hold it against them, but my head gets in such a wreck when I can’t physically be there. – thank feck for technology and people with patience!

Here’s to the last couple of months of hecticness, and 23 more years of fantastic people and exciting adventures


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