How to Motivate Yourself

Time for a classic procrastination-induced post. This one is a little hypocritical perhaps, because I’m trying to motivate people as a means to distract myself from work, and I apologise for that. There have been a lot of things going in my life this year, to the point where I was asked in multiple job interviews how I manage it all, and my usual answer is ‘because I have to’. Thankfully, the ‘have to’ comes from a ‘want to’, I want to keep up great relationships, gain certain roles and experiences, so I have to jump through certain hoops.

It’s incredibly helpful that most of my friends are also in similar times of their lives, because we can all support each other through it, and understand when plans have to be restricted or completely cancelled. I’m really grateful for that, and am massively enjoying seeing them move on in their lives so positively and successfully. Comparing yourself to others can be incredibly harmful, so you have to be careful, but in this respect I’ve found it quite helpful. I can look at what they’ve done in their first year since graduating, and get excited about what might happen to me this year; that’s great motivation. It also means they’re fantastic for advice.

Other than being motivated by the success of those close to me, I also find it motivating to remember that, chances are, you’re not the first to have done ‘this’. I’m not the first person to get a masters. I’m not the first person to get a job in a new city, meaning they have to find a new place to live by themselves. I’m not the first person to have long distance relationships. I’m not the first person to have to fit in a love for traveling around the basic holiday allowance given by jobs. I’m not the first person to try to lose weight. I’m not the first person to aim for everything out of life. I am certainly not the only. I also certainly won’t be the last. It’s all doable, because it’s been done before and it’ll be done again. That sounds dull I suppose, and takes away some excitement, but it’s also quite comforting.

When all that fails, I have a couple of quotes from a range of sources that can flip my head right back round into focus:


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