General Election 2017

If your immediate answer to this question isn’t ‘YES’, then we can’t be friends anymore and you may as well stop reading now.

I jest.


In all serious though, the Conservative party are sitting as far right, and the Labour as far left as I can ever remember, this general election will be life changing, revolutionary. However, you only get to be a part of that if you VOTE.

Whichever ever party you feel represents you and your own needs/wants the most, then go for it. A considered effort is respectable, a wasted vote is a shame. If you’re unsure of who to vote for, still register, then use a website like this one: http://www.isidewith.com to help you figure it out. Also, read everything you can, manifestos from the party, newspaper reports from a range of newspapers – be aware that they’re seriously biased too, listen to those already affected by policies such as NHS workers, and watch interviews with party members, get to a rally if you can.

People have died, are dying, and will die, fighting for the right to vote, don’t let them down by not voting yourself.

You’ve got until 1 minute to midnight TONIGHT. GET ON IT.



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