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Wonder Woman. Oh My Wow.

Yesterday I finally got to watch Wonder Woman. As a humongous fan of DC to the point where I barely even enjoy any Marvel except X-Men and Robert Downey Junior’s face, I was really looking forward to this film, but was a little apprehensive. Not because I’m of the opinion that DC films have always lacked compared to Marvel, and to be honest, I think anyone who says that is completely forgetting the Dark Knight trilogy, and isn’t part of the cult for whom Watchmen is a classic, but anyway. I was worried, that they couldn’t fit in all of her story, details of the war, and the building of the other characters into a two and a half hour film effectively. Also, I was unsure of how successful Gal Gadot would be at carrying a whole film as I only know her from Fast and Furious, in which she is great, but it is a secondary (maybe even tertiary) role.

I had nothing to worry about! Yes, there could have been a little more in depth explanation here and there I suppose, but for two and a half hours, everything was said that needed to be, and brilliantly so! It was definitely a shame that they wanted to differ from Captain America so much that they moved the timeline from the Second World War to the First, only because ‘Evil Hitler’, one man who can inspire destruction and horror is a much more acknowledged persona. However, it didn’t negatively affect the film too much at all. I also felt it was a little rushed for Steve to fall in love with her, but that’s Hollywood for you I suppose. I was still emotional when he *spoiler alert*.

It was definitely my favourite film I have seen Chris Pine in. Until Wonder Woman I’ve never really had strong feelings about him, and would never watch a film purely because he’s in it, but I do really enjoy him in Star Trek, and did really enjoy him in this. He also wasn’t too shabby in Hell or High Water, but I do have weird thing for hairy men with cowboy accents. Most importantly I feel for an film with an ensemble feel to the cast, as this one had, is that all the actors lived up to playing alongside the incredible David Thewlis. Through Harry Potter, he’s an actor I’ve grown up with and adore. I was ecstatic to see him in film once more, and I was almost as ecstatic to see Ewen Bremner because Spud is my absolute favourite Trainspotting character.

I have to apologise for doubting Gal Gadot. She was absolutely incredible as Wonder Woman! It felt that she was playing a very authentic role, and a lot of what she said fell inline with my own beliefs. As a person, Gal has only gone on to impress me more as I’ve read up about her. She was Miss Israel 2004, did her 18 months conscription in the Israeli army, loves motorbikes, has two daughters and was pregnant with the younger one during filming Wonder Woman, and went to university to study law!! She’s actual life goals. I think she’s definitely now one of the most inspirational and admirable women to me, alongside the likes of Helena Bonham Carter, Hilarie Burton, Betty Shabazz, Violette Szabo and JK Rowling. To name but a few of course.

Don’t just ‘get you a woman who can do it all’, find one to inspire you to become a woman who can do it all; a wonder woman.


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