Don’t Rain on my Parade

I haven't blogged in a good while now, in part because I haven't had much to say, and in part because I've had too much to say. Then, a few days ago, stories came to light in the news that couldn't get a particular line of this song out of my head. The line will… Continue reading Don’t Rain on my Parade

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Wonder Woman. Oh My Wow.

Yesterday I finally got to watch Wonder Woman. As a humongous fan of DC to the point where I barely even enjoy any Marvel except X-Men and Robert Downey Junior's face, I was really looking forward to this film, but was a little apprehensive. Not because I'm of the opinion that DC films have always… Continue reading Wonder Woman. Oh My Wow.


Don’t Look Back In Anger, Manchester

This morning, at 11 o'clock, there was a one minute silence across the U.K. in remembrance of the 22 people murdered on Monday night, and all others affected. It was the second deadliest terrorist attack on British soil since the 7/7 bombings in London. Children, parents, siblings, friends, went to a concert, and did not… Continue reading Don’t Look Back In Anger, Manchester


General Election 2017

If your immediate answer to this question isn't 'YES', then we can't be friends anymore and you may as well stop reading now. I jest. ish. In all serious though, the Conservative party are sitting as far right, and the Labour as far left as I can ever remember, this general election will be life… Continue reading General Election 2017


How to Motivate Yourself

Time for a classic procrastination-induced post. This one is a little hypocritical perhaps, because I'm trying to motivate people as a means to distract myself from work, and I apologise for that. There have been a lot of things going in my life this year, to the point where I was asked in multiple job… Continue reading How to Motivate Yourself


Life at 23

Last week on 13th April, I turned the big ol' 2 3. Twenty-three. My goodness me. Now there some great connotations attached to the number 23, Nathan Scott and Michael Jordan's basketball numbers, the bowling lane they use in the Big Lebowski, X-23 is Wolverine's daughter and also called LAURA!, and a beautiful song by… Continue reading Life at 23


Dublin. St Patrick’s Day. Derry. So Happy.

I have, quite literally, collapsed from the most wonderful weekend into a week of essays, training, and three job interviews - LIFE. Here is a quick whistle stop tour of it! Dublin on St Patrick's Day been on my travel spreadsheet for ages, and in my mind of must-go-to places/events for even longer. This year,… Continue reading Dublin. St Patrick’s Day. Derry. So Happy.